• WEEKLY GRADE... "Why didn't I receive full points for the week?"

    If you did not receive the full participation points for the week (10 pts / day), you probably fell into one of the following categories:

    *NOTE: While your weekly grade may appear low, such as 30/50, it's the OVERALL grade you should be concerned with. Most weeks are 50 points possible, therefore your grade is likely to increase overall.

    (1) You were absent. Excused or not, you weren't here to participate and were not able to earn your 10pts for the day. (See Absence Policy for how to earn points back.)

    (2) You didn't bring out your SPORTFOLIO when the teacher asked the class to bring it out.

    (3) The teacher spot checked your Sportfolio and you lost points for not recording your fitness data appropriately.

    (4) You lost your Sportfollio when the teacher called you for a "spot-check". Therefore you lost bigtime points. (You can always get Sportfolio paperwork from the teacher at anytime. You just need to get a Sportfolio folder, which the teacher sells them for $1, or will accept a parent note for a free one.)

    (5) Sportsmanship and behavior.

    (6) EFFORT.  Mr. Wilkin likes to call it "sincere" effort, which means putting forth effort that comes from the heart. It may not be the best effort for the day, but you are "sincererely" trying in games, drills, and running days.

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  • Citizenship Grade

    Click on file to view Citizenship Grade specs.

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  • Locker Letter (To Parents & Students)

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  • sportfolio

    Your Sportfolio is a log of your fitness activities (push-ups, mile, etc..).
    Ask Mr. Wilkin for paperwork if you lose your sportfolio AND buy another folder at Walmart (or Office Depot or Target).
    PLASTIC FOLDERS ONLY! folder MUST have the 3 fasteners (not ring).
    Sportfolio folder MUST be kept in your LOCKER (do not take home!).
    The Sportfolio is part of the DAILY PARTICIPATION grade. I spot check them when students are asked to bring them out to class. Not having your Sportfolio ready will affect your WEEKLY grade.
    Graded on organization, neatness, logging fitness information appropriately. Again, if you lose yours, get another folder and see me for paperwork!
    We will occassionally take TESTS in our Sportfolio. These are more of an assessment piece of knowledge learned and not so much as a tool that affects their grade. We will review answers missed immediately following the test.
    We review STUDY GUIDES (1 page sheet) prior to each test we take in class. The Study Guide is very similar to the test.
    See the "STUDY GUIDES" section if you'd like to study them ahead of time.
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  • calendar

    Email Mr. Wilkin if you want to know in advance what specific activities we are getting into for the month.
    ...The uploaded file from 2013 is a SAMPLE of activities we will do.
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  • syllabus

    Please note the uniform policy that no undershirts are allowed under your PE shirt. We want the PE shirt to collect the sweat, not the shirt you wear to your next class. A jacket or sweatshirt may be worn OVER your PE shirt on cold days. Sweatpants (not worn to school) may be worn OVER your PE shorts as well.

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  • heart rate monitor 10 minute run (usually 2nd & 3rd trimester)

    The Heart Rate 10 minute Run is a RUN we do for the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Students use a heart rate monitor and run at a heart rate between 150-180 beat per minute. The longer they stay "in their zone" (150-180) the better the outcome for their overall endurance. Thus, is it really a way for students to find that sweet spot in their cardiovascular endurance rather than a means to run as fast as they can for time. The heart rate watches have been on the mend lately, so IF/WHEN we use them, they are a valuable piece of technoology!
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  • absence policy (makeup lap procedure + sports article option)

    Students earn 10pts/day, usually 50 pts/wk. If absent, even EXCUSED, the student will have to make up the absent by jogging 3 laps on a Wednesday during advisory or writing a Sports article-summary. Click on the "Absence Policy" doc below for detailed info.

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  • being bullied?

    To the parents:
    If your child is ever feeling bullied PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
    The first thing I do is ask if they told the "bully" to stop (or something that told the bully that they don't like what is being done by them).
    More than 90% of the time the "bully" is going to say, "I was just joking around." That is why the Sutter Anti-Bullying Motto is:
    I make it clear to the "bully" that what they are doing is intimidating and that it WILL STOP. Depending upon the severity of the incident it can result in a conflict resolution with an apology or disciplinary action with a "due process" form sent home or a "class suspension." More severe cases are sent to Mr. Garmston our vice-principal.
    I can handle the incidences in many ways based upon the situation. Sometimes it will be handled with both victim/bully involved or simply talking to the bully alone while keeping the victim confidential. Either way, I want to get to the root of the problem and have it STOP.
    I want ALL my students to feel safe in my P.E. class, as well as at Sutter Middle School.
    Again, please email me or leave me a voice mail (985-3644) Ext. 1431 and I will engage in the matter quickly.
    Mr. Wilkin
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  • DANCE FINAL (Great info here!)

    Our dance unit is the signature unit of our P.E. program. Every Sutter student receives this mandated state standard unit for 2 weeks. My 7th graders will have their dance unit traditionally in the 1st trimester (September).
    We require all students to dress up for the dance final to promote the social etiquette they receive during the unit. Besides, it's a fun way for students to appreciate and show off all the new dances they've learned.
    THE DANCE FINAL IS USUALLY THE LAST DAY OF OUR 2 WEEK UNIT ON A FRIDAY. PLEASE ASK YOUR CHILD AND/OR CHECK THE BULLETIN FOR THE SPECIFIC DATE (which is posted the 2nd week of our unit). We remind them EVERYDAY as to the expectations/requirements and the date of the dance final.
    Dances learned (but subject to change)...
    Note: 7th grade standards recommend "cultural" dances.
    -Electric Slide (great for weddings!)
    -Pata Pata (African Folk Dance) - maybe
    -The Hustle (70's culture) ;-)
    -Brain Boostin' Boogie (A student favorite!)
    -Virginia Reel (A "safe" hand-holding couples dance.)
    -D'Hammer (German Folk Dance)
    -Hukilau (Hawaiin)
    Dressing Up:
    1. Boys wear a tie, collar shirt, and nice pants like khakis or slacks. If nice pants cannot be obtained, please talk to your P.E. teacher about wearing dark jeans. WE ARE FLEXIBLE AND WILL ALWAYS WORK SOMETHING OUT. Just talk to the teacher PRIOR to the dance final or P.E. clothes will be worn in lieu of dressing up. We want to make this a positive thing on this day.
    2. Please reserve a tie with me, if needed, PRIOR to the dance final (not the day of the dance final). We have collar shirts if needed too!
    3. Girls will wear something appropriate and nice as well.
    4. Students are NOT asked to purchase any clothing for our Dance Final. Again, just talk to us about it and we'll always work something out.
    Parents are invited!
    Yes parents... If you'd like to attend our dance final, please check in with the office and bring a camera to take pictures of your child in action in the gym during their scheduled P.E. period.
    Any questions?
    Feel free to contact Mr. Wilkin at...
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  • study guides

    1st trimester:
    First Aid Test (Students filled out their packet/studyGuide in class. We will have this test on the 2nd week of school!)
    Fitnessgram (see below to print out). We will take this test the 3rd week of school!

    2nd trimester:
    Dance Unit - skills test
    Heart Rate Monitor (written test - see below to print out study guide)
    3rd trimester:
     Muscle Test (see below to print out study guide)
    *You can request a hardcopy of any of these Study Guides from Mr. Wilkin. Yet, we DO review the study guide in class "before" any written test.
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  • First Aid Study Guide

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  • Fitnessgram STUDY GUIDE

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  • Heart Rate Monitor STUDY GUIDE

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  • Muscle STUDY GUIDE

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