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    Welcome to 6th & 7th Grade Social Studies, where we learn about World Cultures and important events that have happened throughout the course of time!  In the STEM Academy, we will focus on the technology and engineering aspects of the ancient cultures from around the world, too!
    We will integrate historical analysis, through reading, writing, listening, presenting, geography, and art, using
    Google Classroom and Google Slides. 

      Mrs. Todd's 7th Grade STEM Social Studies Syllabus


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    STEM Supply List for 2020-2021:  Posted on Google Classroom:
    This is a recommended list for ALL STEM Academy classes:
    Please keep these supplies near you, during our Virtual Classroom classes:
    1 Composition Book OR Spiral Binder Paper Notebook (for Social Studies, only)
    Blue or black ballpoint ink pens
    Several red ball point pens
    Numerous pencils with erasers (mechanical pencils are recommended)
    Handheld pencil sharpener (with bubble to catch shavings)
    Inexpensive calculator with square root function
    Zipper Pouch to hold supplies Headphones or Earbuds (no bluetooth)
    Binder Paper
    Colored Pencils: 12 or 24 pack
    Highlighters: green, yellow, pink, blue
    Let's have a great year! 
    Sincerely, Mrs. Todd
    Let Learning Take You Around the World!