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  •    Welcome to Sutter Middle School- 2020-2021!
    <-------------------Please click on your child's class on the left side of this website to find my 2020-2021 Back to School Night Presentation link!
       My name is Kelly Supple and you can find me in Room B-13 (that is in the brick building on the Riley Street side of the school). The best way to get in touch with me is by email. Please email me for all communication at ksupple@fcusd.org. I will be posting all HW assignments on this website. The students will be interacting with me live (or on prerecorded videos) on Microsoft Teams and completing their work on Google ClassroomYour child has the login information for you to access my classroom online. 
       Throughout the school year, remember to check your child's school work/folders daily for organization. Students should be completing their agendas for each class every day, even during Distance Learning. This will help them stay organized and on top of important due dates.backpack
       Check your child's agenda AND PowerSchool account daily for homework assignments, grades, and important announcements. Students are instructed to record ALL daily homework assignments in their agenda, but most homework assignments can be found on each teacher's website. If you see that your student is not recording homework assignments in their agenda, please make sure to cross-check teacher websites and Powerschool for homework assignments and updated grade reports. Ultimately, your student should be in the habit of recording homework in his/her own agenda.
       Once we are back to campus, donations of individually-wrapped candy for learning game prizes, disinfecting wipes, tissue, and alternative seating options (bean bags, swivel chairs, etc...) would be greatly appreciated! Remember to periodically check my "News and Announcements" link for important information.
       I am happy to have the opportunity to teach your child this year. Let's have a fun year!
    Sutter Middle School
    (916) 294-9035 x320313
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