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  • Friday, April 3, 2020
    Well, this was a week!!  I have added a very short survey to Google Classroom about your online learning experience this week.  Students, if you could take a minute to fill that out that would be great.  This will help us figure out a reasonable balance of work and computer time, and also to help us identify issues that you are having just accessing the work.  Be well and have a nice "vacation"!  I miss you all!
    Ms. Linsley
    Monday, March 30, 2020
    Hello again!
    I just wanted to update you on some changes this week.  I am sure that you are aware that the district will be using Schoology as the online platform for our distance learning.  Due to the fact that many teachers, students and parents are all trying to access Schoology right now it has been running very slowly.  I am sure that will be resolved as we all get into a more regular routine with the program and some of the wrinkles have been ironed out.  Be patient.  In the meantime, I have posted this week's lesson on Google Classroom.  The introduction videos are there as is the Week 2 Scientist's Notebook.  Please try to turn in your work through Schoology, however if you are having an issue with that, then you can always turn it in through Google Classroom.  I will be available each day from 1-3pm to answer any questions you may have.  Message me through Schoology or write a comment on google classroom.  I will be working on setting up other modes of communication this week.  Be well and have fun with this week's assignment!
    Ms. Linsley
    Wednesday, March 25, 2020
    Good morning everyone!
    I hope that by now, most of my students have figured out that there is assignment posted on Google Classroom and my website. I know the district is still working on access for everyone so there is no need to panic if you aren't able to do certain activities or turn in work. I have looked at several assignments that were submitted and I do have a few pieces of feedback...FIRST, don't take the quiz until AFTER you have done the work. This is not meant to be a guessing game, but rather a check of what you learned. SECOND, take your time with the work. Unlike school where you are often rewarded for getting something done FAST, you should be trying to be as careful and complete as you can. Read all of the articles, watch all of the videos, make really great observations when doing an experiment. Follow all of the directions and make sure that you do every step. There is no reward for getting done first. I am trying to assign work that will take some time if done right, but that you can do on your own schedule. Think like a scientist and have fun learning some new things!
    Be well and I miss you!
    Ms. Linsley
    Note: I have opened up the comments section if you have questions for me or if you just want to check in. Please try to refrain from posting silly things as then I will have to shut it down. Of course, I do appreciate a good joke every now and then!
     March 22, 2020
    I have posted your first week's assignment to Google Classroom.  I will also attach a copy of the PDF version on this website so that in case you are having problems accessing Google Classroom you can still find it.  I will be contacting you if I don't see anything happening or get any work from you.  I just want to know that you are doing okay and having some scienc-y fun!  There is also a quiz to take after you have done the activities for the week.  Wait until after you have done the activities to take the quiz.
    Be well!

    March 20, 2020  Happy Spring - yesterday was the Vernal Equinox (look it up!)

    What a week this has been! When you walked out of my class on Friday I had no idea that I wouldn't get a chance to see any of you for a while. This is uncharted territory for all of us and patience will be key. There are so many opportunities available to you for a different kind of learning and I will try to give you some ideas and guidance. If video games are your thing, please make every effort to NOT spend the next month parked in front of your computer or TV. Make a "school schedule" for yourself. My kids made theirs yesterday. There should be a significant block of no screen time -- read, read, read, get outside and take a walk (that is still allowed), play board games or card games, write in a journal about your feelings and experiences (this could be a great book someday!), do a science experiment!

    I am mulling over some ideas to send your way to keep your mind busy. Nothing will be graded, but I am here to give you feedback and answer any questions that you have. Although some of you may be concerned about what is happening, THIS is why science is important. We have our medical professionals working hard to help sick people get well and keep others from becoming sick. We have epidemiologists who spend every day tracking infectious diseases trying to understand this new virus--what it is, where it came from, how it spreads, how to keep it from spreading. We have biologists working on developing test kits (of all different types) and a vaccine. We have engineers being asked to design and produce medical equipment like ventilators. And this is all just the tip of the iceberg. Everyone needs to be a smart consumer of information and needs the ability to assess and evaluate all that is coming at you. There are lots of claims being made... listen for the evidence and reasoning to support those claims. If this pandemic makes you curious then I would encourage you to spend some time gathering information and learning about viruses. If all of this worries you, then don't. Make your scientific discoveries in the kitchen as you perfect the ultimate pancake or make some musical discoveries, or maybe do some nature observing...

    Starting next week, I will be posting activity ideas on my teacher website www.fcusd.org/sms and also through google classroom. I wish you all the best and I hope you are all staying well. I miss you lots!

    Ms. Linsley


    Important:  Every time I send out an email through Power School, there are several that get bounced back to me.  Some of your emails have filters (particular for certain work emails) that won't allow the Power School emails through.  I sent this exact letter out on email, if you did not receive that email, then check your junk/spam folder and if it is not there, then send me an email and I will make a separate list to send out in addition to the Power School mass email.


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