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    To Students and Parents:

    I've altered (and will continue to alter) my website to reflect my efforts to provide some useful "distance learning" for my students.  The first materials are pretty basic and represent hours of digitally crumpling up attempts and throwing them in the trash can.  I will make it a point to introduce new ways of delivering learning opporutnies (e.g. livestreaming, etc.) as they become available and as I figure out how to implement them.  At this point, all assignments are either optional enrichment activities, or are only being collected and are not for grade.  Any online tests (through Illuminate or Quizizz platforms) are "formative" in nature, and are meant to let students (and me) guage how much they learned on any given topic.  Of course, as we've seen, things can change from day to day.  As conditions change, I will do my best to keep you informed and make sure my assignments and expectations match any of those changes.


    The best way to communicate with me is through email.  I will be checking my emails daily and trying my best to respond to all parent and student messages in a timely manner.  My district email is:




    Mr. Green