English 6 and Leadership
    Ms. Conte
    Welcome new sixth graders, leadership students and parents!

    Hello Parents, please watch the attached slide presentations for your child's class by 6pm Wednesday, 9/2. On Wednesday, I will be available from 6-7:30 for any questions you may have. You may email your immediate questions during the 6-7:30 time slot to cconte@fcusd.org.  I will answer your questions during that time.  If I can not get to everyone's questions during the time slotted, I will answer questions with 24 hours. ~ Thank You!


    English 6 (Period 2, 6 and 7) - 2020-2021 BTSN GOOGLE SLIDES PRESENTATION:
    Leadership (Period 1) - 2020-2021 BTSN GOOGLE SLIDES PRESENTATION: 
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