Welcome to Mrs. Carter's Website


    Welcome to Mrs. Carter's Class!
    On the Whiteboard and on Powerschool ONLY.
    Each assignment is listed separately on PS
    so you can determine if it has been turned in.
    On Google Classroom:
    Worksheets handed out in class
    Chapter Plan - with ALL HW and tests listed.
    Grades are updated at least once a week.
    Grades for HW turned in late will be updated ASAP.   
    Adviosry (8th grade)
    Per. 1    IM 1
    Per. 2   IM 1
    Per. 3   IM 1
    Per. 4   IM 2
    LUNCH (8th grade)
    Per. 6   IM 1
    Per. 7   IM 2