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    EXTRA CREDIT: Expeditions Assignment #1

    Hi All, Happy Friday!!  EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY for Expeditions Assignment #1 (Due Oct 13/14). . .  If you would like to create additional food chains using the 36 organism tiles provided, you can earn extra credit for each additional chain.  Remember you can only use each tile once, each chain must have a minimum of 3 organisms, and the examples I provided on slide #2 may NOT be used.



    Hi All!  I am now caught up on emails, but please feel free to ask questions during class (after roll is usually best) for the quickest response.


    ***ALL LATE WORK IS DUE FRIDAY SEPTEMPER 25 for Deficiency Notices***


    Science Olympiad CLUB

    • Science Olympiad Team will meet every Thursday from 11:30am-12pm.  Meetings will take place on Zoom and link will be provided to students who fill out the Interest Form (here).  Forms can only be filled out by people with fcusd accounts, so it must be the STUDENT who signs up.  Parents you are welcome to help your child fill out the form and I encourage you to look over the list of events to help your child choose their top three SETS of events.

      Students will also need to do work individually to study and prepare and also in small groups with a mentor.  If parents are interested in serving as a mentor for a group of events, please fill out the Parent/Mentor Form.

      As of now, I do not know the exact format our competition will have, however we will compete this spring in some way.  I will be asking for a small donation to cover the cost of registration for the competition (scholarships will be available) and information will be sent out after we have had a few meetings and the team has settled in.

      List of Scince Olympiad Division B Events with rules and descriptions


      Parent/Mentor Interest Form - please fill this out if you are willing to work with a small group of students on their events