• Welcome to my class website

    This semester, I will be teaching one FIT ONE class and two Personal Strategic Planning ('PSP') classes.

    Your student's grades will be available on the PowerSchool app.

    I may best be reached via email:  curibe@fcusd.org

    Welcome back (sort of, at least)!



    My Google Classroom Code for Fit One is:  yz3mcuy

    Tomorrow's assignment has been posted.  


    The district is supposed to have an alternative online learning program, in-place, for my Personal Strategic Planning classes (Blocks 3 and 4). 

    *If this isn't done, by the morning of  23 March 2020, 6:30 A.M., I shall post that day's assignment on Google Classroom, along with its access code.

    PSP BLOCK 3:  pwhowpe

    PSP BLOCK 4:  ihbzktq

    Thank you all for your patience throughout this process.

    We're going to nail this semester to the wall, in good form, folks.

    Hang In There.