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    Welcome to Ms/Madame Poland's teacher website 
    I teach the DP French courses here at CHS; French SL1 and French SL2
    SL stands for "Standard Level" and those are our Diploma Programme courses for juniors and seniors in the IB Diploma or certificate program.
    I also teach the Theory of Knowledge, which is not a French class! In this course we explore the question "How do we know what we know?" while discussing and examining cross-curricular topics and themes. 
    All coursework, announcements and information are shared regularly in our Google classrooms. Parents/Guardians please email me if you would like me to invite you as a guardian in the Google classroom, which will allow you to request email updates on your student's progress and assignments.
    For more information about any of these classes, click on the "Course Expectations" link to the left.


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    Contact Me:
    room G8
    phone: (916) 294-2450 ext. 810341
    click on my name above to send me an email
    Class Schedule:
    Period 1 - DP coordinator release
    Period 2 - PREP
    Period 3 - PREP
    Period 4 - Theory of Knowledge
    Period 5 - French SL2
    Period 6 - DP Coordinator release
    Period 7 - French SL1