Hello Students and Parents!

    Welcome to my website.  I am the engineering lead teacher for Cordova High School.  In our pathway, you will learn about 3D computer-aided drafting and using a 3D printer and laser cutter/engraver and be able to create multiple design projects ranging from a puzzle cube, fidget toy, catapult, solar car and much more.  Students in our pathway have the opportunity to go on field trips, hear guest speakers, and two of our courses are articulated at American River College. 

    • 9th Grade: Introduction to Product Innovation and Design (4th period)
      •    Autodesk Inventor and Fusion 360 for 3D printing, CorelDraw for Laser cutting, design process, design fundamentals
    • 10th Grade: Electronics and Robotics (2nd period)
      • Basic circuits, soldering, robotics 
    • 11th Grade: Product Innovation and Design (7th period)
      • Product design with a variety of themes including bridge design, catapults, and machines
    • 12th Grade: Advanced Product Innovation and Design (3rd period)
      •   Partner with local business partners to solve their real-life engineering problems.

     Here’s to an awesome year,

     Mrs. Caplan

    Mrs. Faith Caplan

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