• Welcome freshman and parents to Honors English 1! I am pleased to have you as a member of my class.  Please read through my class syllabus (found under the Course Expecations link) to understand how I expect the class to be run.
    Please check back frequently to see homework assignments.
    I will also be using the Remind App this year. If you would like to receive text notifications of upcoming tests/assignments, text @kg42f2 to the number 81010. (You should receive a welcome text from Remind. If anyone has trouble with 81010, you can try texting @kg42f2 to 929-227-6523 instead.) Or you can sign up for email notifications by going to https://www.remind.com/join and entering class code kg42f2
    Google Classroom code (for sudents only) for period 1: (email teacher)
    Google Classroom code (for students only for period 3: (email teacher)
    NoRedInk code: witty fox 82 (for period 1); dizzy lake 95 (for Period 3)
    Note: If anyone is having trouble logging into or completing the summer Noredink assessments, don't worry. There will be no penalties for not completing the assignments prior to class, and I will help everyone get set up in the program once school starts. 
    Note: If parents would like access to the Google Classroom assignments, please send me an email and I can add you manually.
    Please access PowerSchool for most recent updates on Formative/Summative Assignments.

  • kboske@fcusd.org (preferred)
    Room D-6
    Period 1: Honors English 1
    Period 2: English 1
    Period 3: Honors English 1
    Phone: 916-294-2450  x810285