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    Zero period: APEX (Economics, Government, US History, English 4)
    1st period: Economics
    2nd period: Economics
    5th period: Economics
    6th period: World Geography
    7th period: Economics
    ...to Your Government
    Pres. Ronald Reagan Pres. George H.W. Bush Pres. Bill Clinton Pres. George W. Bush VP Al Gore Pres. Barack Obama Hillary Clinton Sen. Marco Rubio Sen. Rand Paul Sen. Ted Cruz Gov. Chris Christie
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  • In this inquiry and project-based course based on common core standards students apply knowledge gained in previous years of study to pursue a deeper understanding of the institutions of American government. In addition, they draw on their studies of American history and of other societies to compare different systems of government in the world today. This course should be viewed as the culmination of the civic literacy strand that prepares students to vote, to reflect on the responsibilities of citizenship, and to participate in community activities. California State Standards addressed are 12.1 to 12.10.
    In addition, while not the focus of this class, we may view particular district-approved films which help emphasize, in a unique way, the state standards addressed in the course textbook, Magruder's American Government, by McClenaghan, William A. Prentice Hall, Needham, MA, 2009. (ISBN 0-13-433207-5) As well, any school-approved MLA stylebook.
    Note: The 2016 Presidential Election is approaching. To the left are some images of the supposed front-runner candidates for 2016.
    However, this November will be the off-year or Congressional elections for House and Senate seats as well as important state elections.
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