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    You may contact me at dbafus@fcusd.org or at my extension 810383.

    You will find my class policies and grading policies on this site.

    If you are a student looking for assignments, notes, etc. you will find that on my google classroom pages.

    Grades are maintained on Powerschool and Managebac 


    If you are a student and need to join my Google Classroom the case senstive codes are:

    Per 1 Environmental Systems and Societies: pder55q

    Per 3 Biology: The Living Earth: lgtegh

    Per 4 Environmental Systems and Societies: 6whpsi

    Per 5 Physics in the Universe: lk9vsh

    Per 6 Physics in the Universe: 4m0m3yq

    Per 7 Physics in the Universe: q5hwhe3

  • The project handout is now on the website in the earth science section
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