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What is Teacher Induction? Program Information

The Teacher Induction Program is an exciting program of support and skill building designed to meet the credentialing needs of new teachers in California and is the pathway from a Preliminary Teaching Credential to a Clear Teaching Credential. Teacher Induction consists of:
  • A two-year program of professional education composed of individual support and formative assessment aligned with the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP) and the State-adopted academic content and performance standards for students.
  • Professional Development workshops are designed to provide support for participating teachers' assessed needs, focusing on effective teaching strategies and teacher empowerment.
  • Comprehensive feedback on your teaching: An integrated support and assessment system that will provide a clear performance profile for participating teachers and will guide the learning and support the goals of participating teachers and support providers.

Who Should Participate?

New Teachers - All teachers in their first or second year of teaching and all out of state/country teachers obtain their Clear Teaching Credential.

  • A Mentor will be assigned to each beginning teacher and participate in Professional Development, designed to improve teaching performance.
  • Networking with other professionals who are passionate about teaching and improving their teaching practice.
  • Credential Completion.

New teachers are required to attend Professional Development and to work closely with their mentor throughout the year.

Mentors are successful, experienced teachers who want to support beginning teachers working towards their Clear Credential, see themselves as learners, desire professional growth and can show support for their participation. Mentors are the most important component of Teacher Induction. Using the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP), mentors and beginning teachers will develop a growth plan based on needs. Mentors facilitate experiences that demonstrate the best professional practices, attitudes and beliefs.

  • Professional Development and training that will assist mentors in facilitating an integrated support and assessment process with new teachers.
  • Networking with other professionals who are passionate about teaching and improving their teaching practice.
  • Release time to work with new teachers.

Mentors are required to participate in all Teacher Induction events, District Meetings and actively support their beginning teacher through an integrated support and assessment classroom-based process. Depending upon the individual needs of the new teacher, mentors will give attention to:

  • Orientation to new school, district, and the teaching profession.
  • Specific ways to enrich professional knowledge.
  • Formative and ongoing assessments of the beginning teacher's strengths and areas for improvement to measure growth over time.  (Mentors do not serve in the role of evaluator)
  • Links between pre-service training and professional development programs.

What is the Teacher Induction Professional Development model?

Professional Development is designed to meet the needs of the new teacher. 

  • Engaging and supporting all students in learning.
  • Creating and maintaining effective environments for student learning.
  • Understanding and organizing subject matter for student learning.
  • Planning instruction and designing learning experiences for all students.
  • Assessing student learning.
  • Developing as a professional educator.

District and Site Support:

The district coordinator works with each school site administrative team to ensure that all new teachers have the opportunity to clear their preliminary credential through Teacher Induction. The district coordinator matches the new teacher with an appropriate Mentor. The district coordinator holds three district meetings per year. All new teachers and mentors in the district meet, network, share BEST practices, are provided with professional development opportunities and support with the TI Google Classroom. Release time is provided for the Mentor to observe the beginning teacher and give feedback. Release time is provided for the beginning teacher to observe other teachers and therefore improve their own practice as a professional educator. The Mentor will work with the new teacher to select an appropriate teacher/s to observe for optimal results.