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Our vision is to enhance the capacity of educators to meet the evolving needs of diverse learners. We are dedicated to fostering a culture where every teacher feels valued, supported, and equipped to create inclusive learning environments, ultimately contributing to the overall excellence and equity of our FCUSD community. By recognizing and valuing the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences of educators, we aim to empower every teacher to thrive in their professional journey.


Meet Our Team

Coordinator of New Teacher Support & Development
Phone: 916.294.9000 ext. 103730

New Teacher Support and Development TOSAs
Education Specialist Lead Teacher, K-12
Education Specialist Lead Teacher, K-12
Multiple Subject Lead Teacher
Multiple Subject Lead Teacher
Secondary, Middle School Lead Teacher
Secondary, High School Lead Teacher

Our current mission is cultivating a culture of continuous improvement, collaboration, targeted coaching, mentorship, and the facilitation of reflective practices. Our commitment extends to building a community of lifelong learners, and the ongoing development of effective, student-centered teaching strategies.