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Welcome to Fiscal Services

   Welcome to Fiscal Services

        Fiscal Services provides oversight for all financial related operations of the District and ensures that resources are effectively received, allocated, disbursed and efficiently accounted for to carry out the education and support activities of the District.   Fiscal Services consists of the following divisions:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Benefits
  • Budget
  • Payroll
  • Purchasing
  • Surplus


Cindy Grafton
Payroll Accountant
  • Employees   H, J-L & Y
Ext 104387
Calvin Otiono
Payroll Accountant
  • Employees  P & W-X
  • Leaves & Sub Sick Leaves
Ext 104363
Angelique Warr
Payroll Accountant
  •  Employees   I & Q-T

Ext 104386

Payroll Accountant
  • Employees  A-B, G & Z

Ext 104388  

Sandy Sweis
Payroll Accountant
  • Employees  C-F & U  
Ext 104385

Richelle Lowe
Payroll Accountant  

  • Employees  M-O & V

Ext 104389

Payroll Links & Information


Christine Spencer Lead Buyer Ext 104340

Shaney Whitbeck Buyer

Ext 104342

Chantal Sarha Purchasing Specialist           

Ext 104341  

Purchasing Website


Vendor Application  


Administrative Team

Linda Thurlo
Executive Director, Administrative Services
Pamela Jacobsen
Administrative Assistant to Linda Thurlo, Ext. 104300

Employment Verifications with Income - Fax 916-294-9022

Katrina Glover

Fiscal Support Manager - Ext. 104315

Brooke Knight

Payroll/Benefits Manager - Ext. 104380

Accounts Payable

Cher Smith

Lead Account Clerk II - Ext.104360

M-Z, Reimbursements

Ashling Gaffney

Account Clerk II - Ext. 104362


Brooklyn Gaide

Account Clerk II - Ext. 104361




Annie DeLand

Benefits Specialist - Ext. 104381

Employees A-L

Liz Ely

Benefits Specialist - Ext. 104383

Employees M-Z

Jenyn Warren

Benefits Specialist - Ext. 104382

Retirees / Separations


Eileen Smith

Lead Budget Technician - Ext. 104323

Folsom Schools

Connie Bisbee

Fiscal Data Analyst - Ext. 104324

Kathy Guintu

Categorical Account Technician - Ext. 104328

Sharon Lakhamsene

Budget Technician - Ext. 104322

State & Federal Programs

Michelle Little

Budget Technician - Ext. 104321

Rancho Cordova Schools

Megan Ransford

Financial Accountant - Ext. 104325

Janelle Reuter

Position Control Analyst - Ext. 104326

Grace Rich

Budget Technician - Ext. 104302

Norma Trujillo

Central ASB Technician - Ext. 104327

Crystal Woodruff

Budget Technician - Ext. 104320