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Mitchell Middle 


Measure N and P Improvements

Improvements funded from Measure N that were completed during 2007/2008:

  • Converted metal shop to a standard classroom
  • Reconfigured home economics to provide six teaching stations
  • Painted campus interiors as needed
  • Replaced floors, ceilings, lighting and casework in classrooms as needed
  • Renovated the kitchen area
  • Replaced door hardware
  • Installed new blinds or window coverings in all classrooms
  • Replaced drinking fountains with access compliant units
  • Provided access compliance upgrades
  • Installed a new clock system
  • Replaced fire and intrusion system with an addressable system
  • Replaced furniture and equipment as needed
  • Installed a digital marquee
  • Replacement of some student and staff computers
  • Updated network hardware
  • Installation of Interactive White Boards (SmartBoards) in all classrooms
Improvements funded from Measure N that were completed in 2008:
  • Renovation of gymnasium, including:
    • Installed new curtains
    • Provided new wood flooring and bleachers
    • Installed cowl wall to provide better lighting
    • Abated ceilings
    • Converted shower areas to locker space and storage
    • Installed new lockers
    • Replaced roofing
    • Installed access compliant drinking fountains
    • Refinished terrazzo flooring
    • Upgraded clock/speaker, sound system and lights
    • Painted the exterior

Improvements funded from Measure N that were completed in 2009: 

  • Upgraded the music building
  • Installed a shade structure
  • Reconfigured and expanded parking lot
  • Resurfaced asphalt
  • Provided new parking lot lighting
  • Installed exterior security lighting
  • Installed new decorative iron fencing
  • Repaired walkway drainage in central quad, music and library buildings
  • Upgraded irrigation booster pump to serve entire campus
  • Installed parcourse
  • Installed new landscaping