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Mental Health Support Request Form

 Mental Health Support Request: Prior to using this support request form, we ask that you please review and utilize any relevant resources within this website. Forms are confidential and are forwarded by email to a school administrator and member of the Student Wellness Team. Only those individuals with a need to know will be informed of the form contents.

• If you need help, and it is not a life-threatening emergency, fill out the attached referral form. Help will be provided the next school day. 
• If you have thoughts of suicide, please tell a parent or friend immediately. Call or text the hotlines listed below in "Additional Resources" Please provide us with your name and number and a staff member will follow up.

REMEMBER: Talk to your parents, a favorite teacher, counselor or principal—help will be provided as your well-being is our priority.



Additional Resources:

Request Form Link

  • FCUSD is focused on the mental wellness of all students through our whole-school Social Emotional Learning (SEL) instruction and by creating safe and caring school environments.
  • If you have been concerned for two weeks or more that your child's social and emotional well-being is impacting your student's learning or relationships with peers, please either speak to your students' teacher, School Counselor (secondary schools), or site administration OR complete the referral form below. 
  • If your family is going through a stressful time and your child seems to be doing well at school, reach out to Care Solace and/or your child's Pediatrician to request counseling support. 
  • If you suspect that your child is considering suicide or is having a mental health crisis, call 911 or take your child to the nearest hospital. Please fill out the referral form so we are notified that your child is being transported to the hospital and a staff member will call you the next day.
  • The Teen Line is open evenings (6-10 pm) at 1-800-852-8336, or text TEEN to 839863.  
  • Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or call 988. Or text TALK to 741741.
  • Turning Point Mental Health Urgent Care Clinic: 916-520-2460