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FAQ - Feasibility Study for Reorganization

Special Meeting: Feasibility Report on Reorganization and Discussion, January, 29

A Special Meeting was held on Monday, January 29 for the FCUSD Board of Education and the Council Members from both the City of Folsom and the City of Rancho Cordova. School Services of California (SSC) presented the results of the reorganization feasibility study they conducted to determine if all nine (9) statutory criteria set forth by the California Department of Education (CDE) would be met if the District separated into two school districts based on the city boundaries of Folsom and Rancho Cordova.*

*NOTE; While Folsom Cordova USD has the majority of schools in Rancho Cordova, areas of the city are also served by Sacramento City USD and Elk Grove USD. The Feasibility Study pertained only to schools within Folsom Cordova USD.

The feasibility study concluded that three (3) of the nine (9) statutory requirements were not sufficiently met. A summary of the report is attached.

Below are the CDE nine criteria and the analysis provided by School Services of California:

  1. Adequate Number of Pupils - Substantially Met
  2. Community Identity - Substantially Met
  3. Equitable Division of Property and Facilities - Substantially Met
  4. Discrimination/Segregation - Not Substantially Met
  5. No Substantial Increase in State Costs - Substantially Met
  6. Sound Educational Program - Not Substantially Met
  7. No Substantial Increase in School Facilities Costs
  8. Increased Property Values - Substantially Met
  9. Effect on Fiscal Status and Management - Not Substantially Met

Following the presentation and discussion, the Board did not express an interest in taking active next steps in the reorganization process. The Board emphasized their ongoing commitment to increasing positive learning outcomes for all students, and to maintaining robust communication between the District and the community.

As the decision to separate the District will ultimately have to be reviewed by the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE), the California Department of Education (CDE), the State Board of Education (SBE), and approved by voters, this process could potentially take many years. FCUSD staff will continue to focus on student achievement following the District’s Vision and Mission of the District.  

District Reorganization FAQs
August 2023

Frequently asked questions regarding the Feasibility Study to reorganize FCUSD into two separate school districts.

Is FCUSD being reorganized into two school districts?

No. There are no actions being taken at this time to reorganize FCUSD into two separate districts. The first step in exploring this process is to conduct a Feasibility Study. 

What is the background of this request?

At the January 19, 2023, FCUSD Board Meeting, it was requested that staff report back on the cost and process of completing a study on the ability to reorganize Folsom Cordova Unified School District into two separate districts based upon the communities of Rancho Cordova and Folsom.

Staff then contacted School Services of California (SSCAL) to present to the FCUSD Board an overview of the reorganization process and provide a cost estimate to complete a reorganization study.

At the March 23, 2023, FCUSD Board meeting, Brianna García, Vice President of SSCAL, presented the nine statutory criteria governing district reorganizations, the process, and the proposed scope and cost for completing a Reorganization Feasibility Study.

What does a Feasibility Study include?

A Feasibility Study is a legally required tool driven by the California Education Code to determine if students will receive state-approved educational opportunities should there be a reorganization. The California Department of Education (CDE) has created nine statutory criteria governing district reorganization to ensure student learning is unaffected in the event of a district reorganization.   

CDE Nine Statutory Criteria:

  • Adequate Number of Pupils
  • Community Identity
  • Equitable Division of Property and Facilities
  • Discrimination/Segregation
  • No Substantial Increase in State Costs
  • Sound Educational Program
  • No Substantial Increase in School Facilities Costs
  • Increased Property Values
  • Effect on Fiscal Status and Management

How is FCUSD working with the cities of Rancho Cordova and Folsom to navigate this process?

On June 8, 2023, FCUSD held a Joint Special Meeting with the City Councils of Rancho Cordova and Folsom. School Services of California presented information on the nine statutory criteria governing district reorganizations, the process, and the proposed scope and cost for completing a Reorganization Feasibility Study and answered questions.   

While there was consensus amongst all officials to learn more from a Feasibility Study, opinions at that meeting for separating the district were mixed, from favoring a separation to concerns a separation may create a negative impact. The takeaway from all was that a Feasibility Study would allow the data from the study to inform the next steps. A summary of the meeting can be read by clicking on the link below:

Message to the community: Summary of the FCUSD Special Joint Meeting that includes timelines and supporting documents.

Is there a cost to conducting the feasibility study?

Yes. The cost of the Feasibility Study is $72,500. FCUSD, the city of Rancho Cordova, and the city of Folsom have agreed to share the cost equally. Each organization will pay $24,166.66. FCUSD will pay its portion out of the general fund.

How long will the Feasibility Study take?

If the FCUSD Board takes action to approve the contract with Schools Services of California and the MOU with the Cities of Folsom and Rancho Cordova at the August 10th Board Meeting; it will take a few weeks for staff to gather the necessary information for the Feasibility Study. Once gathered, it will take several months for SSCAL to analyze. 

It is likely that the Feasibility Study will be completed before or shortly after FCUSD’s winter break, and a meeting will be scheduled between the District and both City Councils to review the results of the study.  

Has a request to reorganize FCUSD taken place before?

Yes. This topic has been addressed in the past, the last time being in 2004. To review a timeline of past reorganization activities that have taken place regarding FCUSD since 1994 please click on the link below.  

History of District Actions on Reorganization since 1994

  • Note: This timeline also includes a timeline of Bond Measures which are the financial vehicle of funds for facility improvements

How would a reorganization impact FCUSD staff?

No decisions to reorganize have been made. If a reorganization were to go into effect, staff would be legally protected and would not lose employment, however, working assignments and conditions would need to be renegotiated. This is specifically in Education Codes 35555 and 35556.

What are the next steps?

SSCAL will conduct a Feasibility Study in the upcoming months. Once that is completed, FCUSD Communications will alert our public.

It is important to note that should a decision be made to move forward, reorganization is a very lengthy process that could take several years. 

Stay Informed!

Updates on this process, Board Meeting agendas, and District actions will be communicated regularly in emails and posted on our website,

If you have any questions, please contact us at 916-294-9014 or