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Interdistrict Transfers

An Interdistrict transfer agreement is for parents/guardians who wish to register their student(s) at a school outside of their resident district. Below you will find information about transferring to and from FCUSD.


Interested in Leaving Our District? Interdistrict Transfer Form

Interdistrict Transfer or School Choice? 


Per the California Education Code section 46600, Interdistrict Transfer permits shall not exceed 5 school years. After 5 years, or when a student disenrolls from the school stated on the permit, a new Interdistrict Transfer permit is required. 

The terms and conditions of Interdistrict Transfer are included in the application and describe circumstances in which an Interdistrict Transfer permit may be revoked.


Will my student be able to go back to their home school if their transfer request is not approved?

Yes, Folsom Cordova will not disenroll a student requesting to transfer out of the district, until the Interdistrict Transfer Permit is approved and a records request is sent by their new school.

Important: Other districts may have different policies, so if you are applying to transfer out of a different district, please inquire with your home district.

What documents do I need to provide? 

To transfer into FCUSD, we will need grades/transcript, attendance records, and discipline records for students in 3rd grade or higher. If the student has an IEP, we will need a copy of that, regardless of grade level.

To transfer out of FCUSD, we will need the ID of the parent or guardian, and proof of residency, usually a utility bill. 

What are approvals and denials based on?

FCUSD considers grades, attendance and behavior from the student's last school of attendance. Space availability in the student's grade at the requested school is also considered. 

For students with an IEP, our Special Education Department reviews and considers caseloads at the requested school.

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