• Welcome To TK/ Kindergarten!

    Goals For Our Students
    To gain skills and experiences that will set a tone of belonging in the classroom environment.
    To feel confident in risk taking socially and academically.
    To begin to feel and act empathetically towards both adults and children.
    To gain school readiness skills.
    To be able to sustain attention in both social and academic activities. 
    To enhance and develop both gross and fine motor skills.
    To build background information that begins their lifelong learning journey. 
  • Mary Jo Novak, M.Ed. NBCT
    Transitional Kindergarten
    916-294-9165 Ext.640201
    Our Daily Schedule:
    8:45-9:00 Table Time
    9:00-9:15 Opening:Welcome Songs, Daily Letter, Story
    9:15-10:05 Small Group Instruction
    10:05-10:25 Recess
    10:25-10:30 Hand Washing
    10:26 PM Group Arrives
    10:30 PE (Wed., Fri.)
    Circle Time (Wed.,Thurs.,Fri)
    11:00-11:40 Lunch
    11:40-11:55 Hand Washing/Helpers
    11:55- Plan Do Review Playtime
    12:35-Clean Up
    12:46-AM Home
    12:45-1:00 PM Table Time
    1:00-1:20 Recess
    1:25-Hand Washing/Snack
    1:35-1:45 Opening
    1:45-2:20 Small Groups
    2:20-2:27 Closing, Clean up and Dismissal
    *Library and additional P.E. time scheduled at the teacher's discretion.