US History/Economics


       Welcome to my class! The following guidelines are designed to help create a positive environment in which you can learn and earn the necessary credits required for graduation. Success in this class depends on you maintaining a positive outlook towards your education and following these guidelines.


    1. Be respectful of teacher and classmatesDO NOT talk while the teacher is talking.
    2. Talk politely and appropriately. No swearing or insults.
    3. Be patient!!! There is only one of me.
    4. Silence or turn off cell phones.
    5. No food or drink in class except for water or treats provided by the teacher.


    Course Requirements: Students are required to complete assignments and submit them in accordance with instructor’s directions. Students are expected to work the entire class period. 



    1.     Classes are set up in three week segments. You should earn at leastone crediteverythree weeks. You do not earn credit for just showing up!! You must complete all work as directed by the teacher. 

                       15 lessons = 1 credit          80 lessons = 5 credits and a report card

    2.     Because we are working together as a class, it is very important for you to be on time. Opportunities for homework are available but you must work in class to earn this privilege.


    Cell phones and Music: The use of cell phones are not permitted in class. If you use your cell phone in class it will be taken. Music– May only be used with teacher permission. If I can hear it or you disrupt class, you will lose your privilege.


    Student Folders: You are expected to keep your folder neat and in order. All work will be kept in this folder.


    Computers: The computers are for schoolwork only. They are not to be used for personal things like e-mails, downloading games, or watching music videos. Failure to follow the teacher’s directions regarding proper usage may result in the loss of this privilege. 

    Please sign and date to show that you have read and understood these guidelines.


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