• Star Student of the Week

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  • Welcome to Third Grade Letter

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  • Student Expectations for Distance Learning

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  • Parent Support: Distance Learning

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  • Grading Policies:Some of the items are modified for Distance Learning.

    Grading (Scoring) Policy

    Scores for student’s work will be determined by evaluation on some or all of the following:

    1. Test or quiz scores

    2. Completion of class assignments

    3. Completion of homework

    4. Demonstration of skill/concept

    5. Teacher observation/pupil participation

    6. Oral Presentations

    7. Collaboration with Others


      -Scores on written work will be based on creative expression (ideas, word choice, & voice), structure (organization & sentence fluency), grammar, capitalization, and punctuation (conventions). A writing rubric is usually (but not always) used for writing assignments.

      -Neatness, accuracy, organization, mastery of state standard, and the completion of work on time will be considered in all academic areas and may influence score.

      - Students progress will be reported using a grade level proficiency scale. The students will also be scored on their Lifelong Learning Skills, use of technology, visual & performing arts, and physical education.

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  • Policies-These will be used when we return to campus



    Homework may include but will not be limited to:

    1. Spelling Practice

    2. Nightly math and reading

    3. Grammar

    4. Reading comprehension

    5. Cursive

    6. Writing

    7. Unfinished work

    -I will send home a spelling list on Monday and the spelling jobs should be turned in on Friday in the Homework Folder.

    - The Reading Log will be sent home Monday and should be filled out nightly. It is due on Friday in the Homework Folder.

    - Math homework will be given nightly and should be turned in the following day in the Homework Folder. Also, a Homework Log needs to be signed nightly, this should be returned daily in the Homework Folder.

    - I will keep a record of the homework turned in weekly. This is documented on your child’s report card.

    -Please check your child’s homework for accuracy. Math homework is corrected daily in class; please make a note on the homework log letting me know if your child needs extra support or practice on a particular concept or problem. Thanks. J 

    Reading at home:

                Reading is an important part of your child’s language development. Two or three times a trimester I will be sending home Scholastic book orders. The books are inexpensive and generally of good quality and appropriate for third grade children. If you would like to order books, please MAKE THE CHECKS PAYABLE TO THE SPECIFIC BOOK COMPANY, NOT RUSSELL RANCH. Or you can do the book order online. Our classroom code is HL3FQ. To promote reading at home with your child, on the homework log, there is a designated spot for nightly reading. Please make sure your child is reading AT LEAST 20 minutes each night. Thank you for your participation in this. I strongly believe this will make a difference in your child’s reading development both in fluency and comprehension.


                I will be doing a newsletter usually bi-weekly or as needed. This will let you know about upcoming activities and what we are working on in the classroom. This will either be sent to you via email unless otherwise specified. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. J

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  • Discipline Plan: This will be used when we return to campus

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  • Classroom Rules


    1) Follow Directions
    2) Be Respectful to Yourself and Others
    3) Be Responsible
    4) Be Safe 
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