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    Our Spirit Wear (Fox Wear) web store will open from

    MONDAY, AUGUST 7, 2017 THROUGH  AUGUST 24, 2017: http://www.companycasuals.com/fhe/start.jsp 

    This is your ONLY opportunity to purchase special styles and sizes of Fox Wear including: athletic fabrics, long sleeve, sweatshirts, junior, ladies, and adult-sized items. You can view the size chart for most items by clicking on the "view specsheet" link in the item's webpage.

    Please note that the popular "Princess Tee" (girls navy shirt with rhinestones) and the "Boyfriend Tee" (ladies navy shirt with rhinestones) are not categorized with other shirts in the web store (due to web store limitations). You can locate them by typing "princess" or "boyfriend" on the search bar or by clicking the "Princess Tee, Boyfriend Tee & LOGOS" on the left hand side menu in the web store.

    The size charts for these two shirts are not viewable from the web store, but may be viewed here: 

    Princess Tee & Boyfriend Tee

    All orders placed through the web store will be ready for PICK UP DIRECTLY FROM OUR LOCAL VENDOR beginning at 2pm on Monday, September 18th. Don't forget to pick up your items anytime between then and Friday, October 6th!:

    American Logowear

    603 E Bidwell St (next to Starbucks)

    Hours of operation: M-F 10am-5pm


    In addition to the web store, limited styles of short-sleeved, children-sized Fox Wear will be available during schedule pick-up on August 7th. You may also purchase them throughout the school year by filling out a "Fox Wear Order Form" at the school office and turning it in with your payment (cash or check made out to "Folsom Hills PTA").

     Show your school spirit by either wearing our school colors (gray or navy) or your Fox Wear every Friday!

    Any questions, contact Ivette Yoder at ivetteyoder@gmail.com or (916) 984 - 0128

    (no texts, please).

    Go Foxes!!