• Room 8 Weekly News and Homework

    February 24 - February 28

    Seasonal Theme: Dr. Seuss

    Letter of the Week: Rr

    Number of the Week: 20 


    I will be assessing students over the next few weeks.  Some assessment areas are: letter names/sounds, numbers 0-20, rhyming, identifying initial sounds, counting groups of objects,  more/less/equal. TK doesn’t not receive another report card until the end of the year. However, I will contact you with areas of concern.  


    *Please note: this Friday is a super minimum day. All students are 8:25-11:48


    Benchmark Unit 7: Transportation.  Essential Question: How and why do we travel? This week, students will continue to explore different forms of transportation in stories and in real life.  Math: Positional words, attributes of objects, recording data.


    Please continue to work on the following with your child at home:


    • Letters names and sounds-  Mm, Ss, Ii, Tt, Aa, Nn, Ff, Oo, Pp, Cc, Uu, Bb, Hh, Ee, Rr
    • Beginning sounds
    • Rhyming words
    • Blending and segmenting


    Written Homework:     1. Letter Rr practice-always start your letters at the top!

    1.     Math- positional words, tally marks    


    Upcoming Events/Reminders:

    *This Friday, Feb. 28 is a super minimum day.  All students 8:25-11:48

    *Friday, Mach 6 is a regular minimum day- ALL TK students are 8:25-12:26

    *Spring Break April 6-13. Return to school Tuesday, April 14. 

    *Please send in a 1 inch binder with a clear front cover if you haven’t done so yet. It will be used for your child’s memory book.


    Thank you!   

    Staci Guillen