• Rm. 7 Supply List


    Here is a suggested optional list of supplies for my class to start the year as well as a donation list if you are interested. If you are not able to get these supplies, please let me know and we will make sure your child has them.

    Please make sure to label ALL items with your child's name. Thank you! :)

    • A labeled backpack with your child's name on it
    • A pencil box
    • 2 glue sticks
    • 2 sharpened pencils
    • a pair of child scissors labeled with your child's name
    • a pink pearl eraser
    • a box of crayons or twistables
    • a yellow hi-lighter and one other color
    • 1 black thin expo white board marker and a small sock to use as an eraser for white board practice (or an eraser)
    • A 2-pocket folder of your child's choosing to be used as a homework folder. The folder should be LABELED CLEARLY on the FRONT with your child's name
    • A set of washable markers
    • A pair of headphones for chrome book time (I have a class set so this is just if your child prefers to use his or her own)
    • A healthy snack each day for snack time and tennis shoes for P.E.

    Please do not send your child with a lot of extra items for his or her desk. The desks can get very cluttered and the children can get quite distracted. Thank you so much for helping to start our class off in the right direction! Cheers to a wonderful adventure together!




    • Pencil top erasers (we run out of these quickly)
    • hi-lighters (multiple colors)
    • glue sticks
    • treasure box small raffle treats (Targe, Party City, Dollar Tree, Oriental Trading Co.)
    • paper towels
    • unscented baby wipes
    • sets of washable paints with a brush
    • board games, or fun play items to play with during free choice time and rainy day recess
    • cardstock (white, cream, tan)
    • bright colored and white printer paper
    • a pack of white terry cloth towels
    • ziplock sandwich bags

     ***This year we are lucky to NOT need kleenex. I still have enough from last year. Thank you!