• Folsom Lake High School Mission Statement

    Vision Statement

    We prepare all students to Become Engaged, Ethical, Productive members of society. B.E.E.P

    Folsom Lake High School provides Common Core instruction, district approved curriculum and credit recovery options that provide all students with a variety of opportunities to complete their high school graduation requirements, while earning a high school diploma. The staff at Folsom Lake High School is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment that fosters positive behavior which ensures hope for all students.


    Mission Statement

    While addressing students’ individual educational needs, we prepare them for the workforce, careers, and post-secondary education. We engage students in their own learning and we assist them in reaching their educational goals through a variety of career focused classes, community college presentations, ROP, work experience, Senior projects, and a yearly Career Faire.


    Folsom Lake High School Expected School wide Learning Results (ESLRs) are:


           Academically Proficient Learners Who

    • Accept responsibility for their own learning
    • Use a variety of strategies to produce and complete academic projects
    • Set and fulfill personal, academic, and career goals
    • Meet state and district standards for success in post-high school goals

           Effective Communicators Who

    • Express ideas clearly through verbal, written, artistic, and technological forms of communication or expression
    • Discuss ideas with diverse audiences through speaking, listening, writing and the arts
    • Work collaboratively in a group environment while respecting and embracing individual differences

           Constructive and Collaborative Thinkers Who

    • Work effectively within culturally and organizationally diverse settings
    • Apply creative solutions to academic, professional, and personal challenges
    • Utilize academic knowledge for real world situations

              Responsible Citizens Who

    • Contribute time and energy to improve the welfare of themselves and other
    • Abide by school and community rules, laws, and regulations
    • Assume personal responsibility as a member of a family, a community, and the world by developing self-discipline and understanding of consequences

            Self-Sufficient Life Long Learners Who

    • Use appropriate resources/technology to complete tasks on time
    • Can perceive, define, and accomplish tasks with intended results
    • Demonstrate the ability to work both independently and collaboratively
    • Exhibit self-discipline and time management skills
    • Complete a Senior project that explore career and college readiness options while using technology skills