• Oak Chan Second Grade Supply List


    Student Supplies Please write students name on supplies


                  - backpack (try to avoid large rolling backpacks)

             - soft-sided pencil pouch

             - crayons (24 - 48 per box)

              - thick tip color markers (10-12 per box)

              - colored pencils (12 per box)

             - water color paint set (8-10 colors)

             - small scissors

             - eraser

             - 2 glue sticks (permanent kind works best)

             - mini pencil sharpener (one that catches shavings)

             - headphones or earbuds (place in plastic bag with student’s name)


    Classroom Donations


    *Kleenex tissue

    *glue sticks (10 large)

    *baby or hand wipes

    *box of sharpened pencils