• Parents, a recommended short supply list to start us off is shown below. If you have any questions about the materials listed, please hold off until Back to School Night.

    ● 4 – Glue Sticks

    ● 1 – Composition Book Wide Rule (Journal)

    ● 2 – Pink pearl erasers

    ● 1pkg – Ticonderoga #2 Pencils

    ● 1pkg – Twistable crayons and pencils if possible, no need for fancy colors (These

    will last all year!)

    ● 1 – Fun activity book/Coloring book for rainy day activity

    ● 1 – Pair of headphones (I recommend iFrogz Coda. I have a few that have lasted a

    few years of pretty heavy use. These of course will be their own personal pair.)

    ● Kleenex (Always)

    ● Unscented Baby Wipes (Always)

    ● Clorox Wipes (Always)

    I will supply storage for their supplies in the classroom. Please label crayons, headphones, backpacks and jackets. The rest of the materials will be used for the whole class. Any donations now and throughout the year of Kleenex, unscented baby wipes and Clorox wipes are greatly appreciated. It helps keep our room clean in hopes of preventing getting sick.

    Thank you in advance for all your contributions, they are greatly appreciated! See you August 11, 2021 for Back to School Night.

    Please bring in one book on the first day of school for silent reading in class.