• We need a lot of materials to support learning in the classroom, so if you are able to donate the following items for your child to use throughout the year it would be greatly appreciated! 

    The following are supplies that we will use in class for your child's desk.  These items should be labeled with their name:

    1. a standard sized backpack - to bring to school everyday
    2. a pack of crayons or Twistables
    3. a pair of child's scissors
    4. a small pencil box for inside their desk
    5. a Pink Pearl eraser
    6. several sharpened pencils
    7. a glue stick
    8. a set of ear phones/ear buds in a bag (please make sure they fit and are comfortable for little ears)

    There are also many supplies which we will use as a class that will not be kept in individual desks.  I will be collecting these items the first day or week of school.

    1. 1 pack Crayola broad line markers
    2. 5-10 glue sticks
    3. 2 black Sharpie Fine Point Markers 

    In addition we could use the following everyday items donated to our classroom:

    Boxes of Kleenex, boxes of Band-Aids, and baby wipes!