• Supplies specific to Mr. Hillel's 4th & 5th Grade class:

    *updated 8/6/2023*

    I appreciate your support in providing some basic supplies for your student. The lists below will help your child to be successful and help to stay organized. Please have your child bring their supplies to school as soon as possible.

    Individual student supplies

    • 1 box of multi colored markers and/or colored pencils
    • A box of Pencils with erasers (Ticonderoga brand is the best!)
    • Extra erasers (enough to last all year)
    • 1 small plastic pencil sharpener (that holds shavings)
    • 2 spiral notebooks (any style)
    • Package of dry erase markers for whiteboards (enough to last all year)
    • 1 whiteboard eraser (or an old clean sock)
    • Ear buds / Headphones
    • Red pens for correcting
    • 1 soild yellow 2-pocket folder
    • 1 solid red 2-pocket folder

     Supplies to help our entire class

    • Lined notebook paper
    • Pencils and erasers (Ticonderoga brand pencils last the longest)
    • Disinfectant wipes
    • Tissue / Kleenex



    Click here to see the supply list for every grade!