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     The Athletic Handbook Is Now Online

    New this school year, 2019-20, we have switched to a new online registration system for our athletic teams; AthleticClearance.com. Please go to http://www.athleticclearance.com/ to register your athlete and sign-up for a sport.

    The Athletic Handbook forms will now be completed online and signed electronically except for the Sports Physical Exam form. This form still needs to be completed and signed by both the parent and physician before an athlete can participate in any sport. Parents must complete the top half of the form and physicians complete the bottom part. You can print the Sports Physical Exam form from the athletic registration website, http://www.athleticclearance.com/ (the link to the form can be found under “Step #1- Student Information” at the bottom of the page). The online registration must be completed prior to your child participating in any practice, training, conditioning or games/competitions. Please note, chiropractors and physical therapist cannot sign an athlete’s Sports Physical Exam form.

    To set up a new account and register your athlete for a sport, please go to http://www.athleticclearance.com/

    1. You will first need to “Register” your (parent) information

    2. Once you have registered, the system will take you to the “Clearances” page. Click on “START CLEARANCE HERE” to enter your athlete’s school, sport, personal information, medical history, etc.

    3. Step # 4 lists the required forms and electronic signatures. You must read the forms and e-sign the “parent signature” forms by typing your name in the box provided. Your athlete must also read and e-sign the “student signature” forms by typing their name in the box provided. By e-signing you and your athlete are confirming that you have read the forms and agree to all terms.

    4. Once you’ve completed everything online, your athlete’s clearance notice will be sent to the Coach or Athletic Director. The Coach or Athletic Director will review all online documents and confirm you’ve turned in a current Sports Physical Exam form. If everything is complete, your athlete will be cleared to participate. If something is missing, you will receive an email from the Coach or Athletic Director.

    5. Please note, sports physicals are good year to date. Your athlete must have a current physical on file in order to participate in any tryout, practice or competition/game.
    Thank you and have a GREAT sports season!

     Folsom Middle School offers the following after school sports:

    Fall Sports:
    Cross Country - open to all students
                         Mr. Pajer (DPajer@fcusd.org
                         Mrs. Hendrickson (BHendric@fcusd.org)
    Volleyball -
                      7th Girls - Aaron MacDonald and Stephanie Bell
                       AMacDonald@fcusd.org SBell@fcusd.org
                      8th Girls - Aaron MacDonald and Stephanie Bell
                       AMacDonald@fcusd.org SBell@fcusd.org
                      7th Boys - Vince Isbell - VIsbell@fcusd.org
                      8th Boys - Patrick Burke - PBurke@fcusd.org

    Winter Sports:

                   7th Boys & Girls - Chip Miller - CMiller@fcusd.org 
                   8th Boys - Vince Isbell - VIsbell@fcusd.org
                   8th Girls - Aaron MacDonald - AMacDonald@fcusd.org     
                   Tom Ward (Head Coach)
                   Ney Vencer (Assistant Coach)
    Spring Sports:
    Track and Field: open to all students  
                   Head Coach -   AMacDonald@fcusd.org
                   6th Boys-   AMacDonald@fcusd.org
                   7th Boys -  bhendric@fcusd.org
                   8th Boys -  PBurke@fcusd.org
                   6th Girls -  ssalgado@fcusd.org
                   7th Girls -  SBell@fcusd.org
                   8th Girls -  dpajer@fcusd.org 


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    Our Annual Jag-a-thon Community Giving Campaign launches this week!

    Please be on the lookout for an email which includes the link to your student's individual fundraising page.

    This link can be shared with family members, friends, businesses and neighbors who wish to make a donation towards the extra programs and initiatives our PTO supports.

    🎯 Like years past, our goal is $35,000.

    Combined with our Membership Pledge Drive in August the money raised during Jag-a-thon directly impacts over 1500 students and over 100 staff for the entire 2019-2020 school year.

    🎯 We're asking each family to raise $50.

    If just 5 people donated $10 each, each family would reach their goal!

    🎯 We're striving for 50% participation from our ~1450 families.

    If just 750 families raised $50 each, we would raise $36,250!

    Students Advisory Classes will be competing for a chance to win classroom prizes and a trophy for "HIGHEST PARTICIPATION"!

    🎯 Every donation counts!

    Your donation means that you believe in the work our PTO does at FMS!




    Here's a sneak peek from last year's event!

    Please be on the lookout for more information coming home each week!