• At Vista del Lago High School, we have two bell schedules based on two student lunches.  "A" lunch is our first lunch and "B" lunch is our second lunch.  The location of a student's third period determines which lunch they have and which bell schedule they should follow.  Rally and Assembly schedules also follow the two bell system.  On finals and minimum days, all students follow the same schedule as there is no lunch served those days.
    Students will have A lunch if they have third period in the following location:
    H203 through H206
    H101 through H106
    All classrooms in the G building
    Library (except Mrs. Keller)/Admin TA's
    Students will have B lunch if they have third period in the following location: 
    H207 through H211
    H107 through H111
    H201 and H202 (Bolton and Lusk's Spanish classes)
    K101 through K103
    All Physical Education classes in the gym and locker area
    All classrooms in the E building