•  I upload pertinent handouts to Google classroom. I can't post the username and passwords here due to copyright. Each child will enroll them selves in my Google classroom on the second day of school while in class. Any handout I require the kids to have, will be printed by me and given to students. Other handouts are for reference. I like to save the environment when possible.

    Unit 8 Causes of Sectionalism: Feb. 7- not sure of exact date yet

    We have a four day weekend, two days of assemblies and a minimum day. I won't rush this important unit just to finish prior to the end of the trimester.  We move through chapter 12 quickly, most is a review of what students already know.

    Assignment one: due Feb. 11

    Chapter 12 L1

    LR 3 and 4

    Chapter 12 L2

    Cornell notes: African Americans in the North


    Assignment two: due Feb. 12

    Chapter 12 L3

    Cornell notes: Cotton is King

    Southern Industry

    LR 2 and 4

    In class project due Feb. 13- two full days in class to work on this.

    Chapter 12 L4 due Feb. 14

    Cornell notes: Small farmers and rural poor

    Plantation owners

    Pg. 452 CFU 1 and 2

    Pg. 453 CFU 1

    LR 2


    Chapter 14 L1 Due Feb. 20

    Cornell notes

    Compromise of 1850

    Fugitive Slave Act

    Kansas Nebraska Act

    CFU pg. 495 1

    LR 3


    Chapter 14 L2 due Feb. 21

    Cornell Notes

    Dred Scott V. Sanford

    The court rules

    Pg. 503 CFU 2

    Cornell notes Lincoln Douglas Debates

    John Brown and Harper’s Ferry

     Pg. 506 CFU 1


    Chapter 14 L3 Due Feb. 23

    Pg. 508 Why was it difficult for the South to elect a candidate in 1860?

    GR 1 on page 509

    Cornell notes

    The Confederacy is established

    Pg. 513 CFU 1 and 2

    LR 1-4

    Students will be made aware of unit 8 test date. We will see how it goes with all the FMS activities going on. The plan is the first week of March for the assessment.