•  I upload pertinent handouts to Google classroom. I can't post the username and passwords here due to copyright. Each child will enroll them selves in my Google classroom on the second day of school while in class. Any handout I require the kids to have, will be printed by me and given to students. Other handouts are for reference. I like to save the environment when possible.

    Nov. 4- Dec. 4

    Unit 5A- Establishing a Nation 1789-1815(there might be time for kids to work on at home practice in class)Students have a sheet with topics for Cornell notes. We are skipping around among chapters 7-10 this unit. We might have very short reading/content quizzes this unit too.

    cornell notes due Nov. 6- Topics 2 and 3, one page for each

    Hamilton and Jefferson project due Thursday- Nov. 7- done in class(over one class period)

    Topic 4 cornell notes due Nov. 13

    Topic 5 cornell notes due Nov. 14

    Topic 6 cornell notes due Nov. 15

    Topic 8 cornell notes due Nov. 18

    Topic 9 cornell notes due. Dec. 4.

    We will be doing 4 short projects this unit. One on Hamilton/Jefferson and on the presidencies of Washington, Adams and Jefferson.