• Mrs. Jess' Preschool Class Informaiton:


    Daily Supplies:

    Please send the following with your student:

    Backpack large enough to hold their lunchbox and an 8 1/2x11 inch folder. 

    Mask (optional)

    Lunchbox with snack and water bottle

    Change of clothes, including socks


  • Mrs. Jess
    I will respond to emails within 24 hours during the school week.
    Room 18
    Phone: 916-294-9145 ext. 250218
    I am available by phone between 11:30 and 12:00, or 2:45-3:00


    8:25       Arrival/ Choice Time 

    8:45       Morning Meeting

    9:00       Learning Centers/ Exploration Stations

    10:00     Snack/ Recess

    10:30     Carpet Time/ Closing Circle

    10:55     Dismissal


    12:07       Arrival/ Choice Time 

    12:30       Afternoon Meeting

    12:45       Learning Centers/ Exploration Stations

    1:45         Snack/ Recess

    2:15         Carpet Time/ Closing Circle

    2:37         Dismissal