• The Folsom Cordova Community Charter School supports parents who choose to home school their children. It is important that parents understand that they are their child’s teacher.

    The Charter School supports these teacher-parents by providing:

    • State approved curriculum,
    • An understanding of grade level standards,
    • Assessment based on content standards,
    • A list of suggested assignments,
    • Bi-monthly meetings to review progress,
    • Collection of work samples to meet state attendance 
    • Small group workshops in:
      • reading
      • math
      • science
      • social studies
      • art
    • Field trips
    • Parent support groups

    A student’s education at the Charter School is based on a cooperative model known as the Academic Pyramid. The student, the parent-teacher, and credentialed educational consultant work together to meet the individualized needs of one student. That student’s academic requirements and learning style are at the top of the pyramid. They are supported by the daily work of the parent-teacher and bi-monthly meetings with a credentialed educational consultant. Instead of finding themselves in a classroom of 30 or more students, our single student finds that they are supported by at least two dedicated adults. The curriculum and pacing in each subject is chosen to meet the needs of that one student.