• Kinney High School
    New Shade Structure
    Measure N and P Improvements
    Improvements funded from Measure N:
    • Upgraded network hardware 
    • Installed Interactive White Boards (SmartBoards) in all classrooms
    • Deployed campus-wide wireless access
    • Replaced staff and student computers
    Improvements funded from Measure N and P:
    • Reconfigured main building to centralize administrative spaces
    • Remodeled main building to create classroom spaces that will accommodate maximum student load
    • Upgraded low voltage systems (fire, intrusion, clocks, bells, phone)
    • Remodeled the shop classroom
    • Expanded student and staff parking lots
    • Identified main campus entrance
    • Relocated fire lane
    • Upgraded landscape and irrigation

    Current Construction Projects funded from Measure P:

    • Added 2 portable classrooms to add more classroom space
    • Converted classrooms 16 and 17 into a central library and computer lab
    • Remodeled restrooms for access compliance