• Prospect Community Day School, formerly, Mather Youth Academy
         at the Kinney High School Campus
    Measure N and P Improvements
    Improvements funded from Measure N that were completed during the summer of 2009:
    • Created a new Learning Resource Center (library/computer lab combination) in Building H
    • Remodeled principal and sergeant office spaces for a more secure use
    • Provided new landscape at the front of the campus
    • Abated asbestos found during remodel
    • Replaced all flooring in classroom buildings
    • Upgraded restrooms for access compliance
    • Upgraded intrusion and intercom systems
    • Added a new staff parking lot
    • Replaced old furniture and equipment
    • Relocated a relocatable classroom from Cordova High for use as a science room
    • Installation of Interactive White Boards (SmartBoards) in all classrooms
    • Student and staff computer replacements
    • Upgrade of network hardware
    Additional improvements that may by funded through Measure N and P:
    • Relocate Prospect Community Day School, formerly MYA, to the Kinney High School campus.