• Overflow Process
    On occasion, FCUSD will need to overflow students in grades TK-5. This occurs when a school is at maximum CSR capacity in grades TK-3, and/or the grade level is at a contractual limit at the time of registration. 

    Returning students and siblings have priority for re-enrollment if completed by the published deadlines. New students who complete registration first have preference for remaining space at the school. Once a grade level is full, or the school is at CSR capacity, overflow students are selected by their FCUSD seniority date.  

    FCUSD tries to keep siblings together during the overflow process. If FCUSD can keep the siblings together, they will be considered overflow students and will be bussed to the receiving school. An effort is made to bring siblings back to the home boundary school if space becomes available. 

    Transportation is provided free of charge from school to school for students who have been redirected to another school. Home boundary school office staff will facilitate paperwork and give parents/guardians the bus route number, bus stop location, and pick-up time. Parents are asked to assist students so that they get on the bus at their home boundary school.

    Returning Overflow Process
    FCUSD makes an effort to return overflowed students to the home school when space becomes available. Office staff will keep track of the students overflowed and can update parents on the wait list upon request. To ensure classroom stability, we do not call students back from overflow after October 31. If you’d like your student to return to their home boundary school after this date, please work with school office staff to help you with this request. 

    Spots may open at the home boundary school due to attrition. The turnover of students during the school year can be difficult to predict. This time frame could be a few days, weeks, months, or an indefinite period depending on whether there is a drop in enrollment at your home school. 

    Appeal process
    Parents/guardians may appeal in writing in the order below. Please include detailed information regarding your concerns and circumstances in the appeal. The decision by Education Services is final.
    1. Principal
    2. Director of Education Services