• Transportation to and from school-sponsored events! 


    Transportation Info

    If your student will be participating in athletics this year, please read carefully for information regarding transportation. As we have in the past, FCUSD schools are dedicated to providing a safe means for students to travel to and from athletic events. Unlike in past years, we are facing challenges.

    Like many school districts across the nation and state, we are experiencing a bus driver shortage, which limits bus availability for athletic use. In addition, the cost of labor and gas has increased, which means transportation fees have been adjusted for athletic and activity transportation.

    Beginning this school year, fees for transportation for athletics/activities are $150 for each sport per player using the buses, and $75 for each sport per player using the vans at the high school level and $75 for each sport at the middle school level.

    Fees will be applied to students using District transportation.

    Each of our schools is doing the best they can to secure buses for the large team sports. For some of our smaller athletic programs, the use of school vans will be prioritized. Other athletic programs may opt to have parents transport students. At the end of the year, the excess fees collected will be used to adjust rates for the following year.

    There will be no transportation fee requirement for parents/guardians who transport their own student to and from events.

    All the options and requirements for documentation are listed below.

    Transportation options

    Please see the following options for transporting student-athletes to athletic events.

    District provided vehicles: Transportation fee will be paid at student account or confidential waiver request, completed and submitted to the Principal’s office. 

    • The Transportation Department and the associated league/conference often determine bus departure times.
    • At the coach/advisor’s discretion, students may be signed off the return bus by the parent/guardian.  If the student is riding home with another adult, the Student Alternate Transportation Form must be on file indicating the appropriate drivers and the ACTIVITY TRANSPORTATION Sign-In/Sign-Out Sheet must be initialed by the appropriate driver. 

    Parent/Guardian drives their student to and from the event:

    For all District-sponsored events, self-transportation or transportation provided by parents/guardians (or other adults authorized in writing by a parent or guardian) is permitted only when the driver of the vehicle has filed required transportation forms with the school office. Coaches/Supervisors are prohibited from releasing a student to self-transport or obtaining transportation from a non-parent, or guardian. Parents must also complete the Student Alternate Transportation Form.  No student may ride in a vehicle driven by another student, whether or not an adult is present in the vehicle. Students transported in an alternate manner fully assume the risk of harm from such transportation; the District assumes no liability or obligation associated with such methods of travel.

    NOTE: On rare occasions when a bus is not available for an off-campus game/event, a coach/advisor may make arrangements for parent/guardian drivers. Parent/guardian drivers must be a cleared Category 2 Volunteer and have a Volunteer Personal Auto Use Form on file.  See the Volunteer Category 2 Requirements on the school’s website or contact the school office for more information.

    Traveling Expectation

     All students will dress in an appropriate manner for trips as determined by the coach/advisor.