• Welcome to Mr. Von's teacher's page! I teach 6th-grade social science and 6th/7th curriculum support! I am incredibly excited about teaching at Folsom Middle School! This is my second year as a teacher and I have been working to keep up with all of my wonderful students. A little bit about me:

    • I have a bachelor's degree from Sac State in psychology.
    • I have a master's degree from Umass Global in teaching.  
    • I am an avid gamer and am always interested in talking to my students about the latest games!
    • I enjoy traveling and take any opportunity I can get! The farthest I have been is Japan, which was an amazing experience!
    • I am big on family and they are very important to me.

    Please Note: I do NOT use this website as my method of communication or for students to check their work/assignments. Instead, I use Google Classroom, which all of my students are enrolled in. If you are a parent/guardian, please make sure you have enrolled as a guardian to keep up with their assignments and work. I post the work as we move forward under weekly tabs. I post assignments and put the details and dates of when we worked/completed them in case students were not present and need to complete the work. All communication should go through my email: vjarrell@fcusd.org (also posted in the contact info). 

    I have placed a page on the school calendar where I will provide daily updates as an agenda for the classes that I teach. Families will now be able to stay up to date on what we have been working on and it gives students a secondary place to see what we are working on aside from the agenda posted on the board in class. Click on the calendar tab and go to the current day to see the most up-to-date agenda. If you click on the event agenda, you will be able to see the description which will show you the work and where it can be found. Because I teach two classes, I have divided them into two colors for my agenda to make it easier to figure out what you need to see.   

    This year in addition to what was mentioned above I have also introduced a running agenda that will be updated daily to show students what was completed and worked on that day. This will be THE BEST resource for parents and students alike to keep track of where they should be and what work needs to be completed. 

    Green = social science 6

    Blue = Curricular support

    Social Science 6 Syllabus

    Curricular Support Syllabus



  • Contact Info

    Vonnell Jarrell

    Folsom Middle

    History Teacher


    I usually answer all emails within 24 hours. 

    Responses on weekends, holidays, etc. may take longer.