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  • Dance a thon FAQs

    What is our goal?

    We hope to raise $45,000 to support our school and provide educational and enrichment opportunities for our students!

    What are the important dates?

    8/25 Dance-a-Thon Fundraiser starts! 

    9/28 Dance-a-Thon for Tk to 2nd grade

    9/29 Dance-a-Thon for 3rd to 5th grade 

    9/29 Longhorns on the Lawn event 

    Can I track my donations online?

    YES! Visit https://app.99pledges.com/fund/MRE/ if your child does not have a pledge/donation page set up follow these instructions: 

    Go to the website: http//app.99pledges.com/fund/MRE

    Scroll to the bottom of the page where it says "add participant."

    Enter student name and parent email.

    Select "add."

    Your child's personal pledge/donation page will be created!

    What prizes can I win?

    1st place: Class Ice Cream Party + $50 gift card for teacher

    2nd place: Class Pizza Party + $50 gift card for teacher

    3rd Place: Class Popcorn Party + $50 gift card for teacher

    We will also give prizes for individual students who raise the most! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will receive gift baskets filled with goodies. 

    Can we come watch our kiddos?

    Unfortunately no. The Dance-a-thon will be held during school hours. However, the PTA does need volunteers to help facilitate! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and helping out please reach out to ManginiRanchElementaryPTA@gmail.com for more details on how to get involved. 

    What is the Longhorns on the Lawn Event?

    This event is welcome to all students and their families! We will be celebrating our 1st annual Dance a Thon with a fun gathering! Friday 9/29 5pm-9pm on the grass area at Mangini Ranch Elementary. We will have a DJ, food trucks, and lawn games. Please bring chairs or picnic blankets! Hope to see everyone there! 



    "Perkin' with Peterson"

    Join Mr. Peterson for some coffee and chat


    Sept. 1st, 2023

    Nov. 3th, 2023

    Feb. 2nd, 2024

    April 5th, 2024

  • General PTA Meeting


    Meetings will be held in the Multi at 6:30pm on the following dates:

    Aug. 24th, 2023

    Oct. 18th, 2023

    Feb. 7th, 2024

    April 17th, 2024