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    Folsom High School 2022-2023




    COURSE:  Honors Manufacturing & Product Design                                

    INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Bias    

    PHONE: (916) 294-2400    

    EMAIL:  Abias@fcusd.org                          

    COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course represents a contextualized, laboratory-based, integrated curriculum for students to learn about communication, energy, production, and integrated technology systems and processes that affect their lives. Students develop critical thinking skills through a variety of multimodal, problem-solving techniques. Students will receive introductory level exploratory instruction on topics including proper use of hand tools, machinery tools, print reading, application of basic mechanical concepts, CNC machine and Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Metal technology, basic welding concepts, basic machining processes. Integrated content focuses in an age of rapidly advancing technology; and provides students with the basis for making wise academic and career choices.

     EQUAL OPPORTUNITY:  Folsom High School is committed to equal opportunity for all individuals.  Activities shall be free from discrimination based on gender, race, color, religion, national origin, ethnic group, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability or any other unlawful consideration.


    Quarter and Semester Grades are based on accumulated earned points. Exams, quizzes, homework, class work, presentations, group projects and class participation will be assigned a numerical value based on importance. Keep all the graded work in your Class Notebook. Class participation may include work generated in class and sent home for completion, quizzes, group activities, and other work as assigned.


    Assignment grades will be posted to PowerSchool on a regular basis for student and parent access. Grades are typically updated on Friday afternoons. 

    MAKE-UPS:  Students may redo a project to improve their grades. The second project will be assessed independently from previous submissions. The most recent submission will be the grade entered into PowerSchool. Project resubmits must be done on the students' own time (PAWS, Before/After school when arranged with Mr. Bias. The revision must be submitted before the late work deadline in the quarter (see below). 

     ATTENDANCE/TARDIES: Regular attendance is critical for success in this course. Upon returning from an absence, it is the responsibility of the student to request missed materials and assignments. Tardies are a class disruption and may show a general lack of concern on the part of the student.  The FHS late policy noted in the PAWS port will be followed for additional tardy incidents.

    LATE WORK POLICY: Late work will be accepted up to the end of class in each quarter.


    1st quarter:       October 7, 2022

    2nd quarter:     December 16, 2022

    3rd quarter:      March 10, 2023

    4th quarter:       May 25, 2022

     Work from a previous quarter will not be accepted after these due dates. 

     EXTRA CREDIT:  Extra Credit assignments will be given occasionally throughout the semester to enhance learning opportunities. Extra Credit assignments will be distributed to class and posted in Google Classroom under the “Extra Credit” heading.

    MATERIALS: To improve the chance of success in this course, it is highly recommended each student have the following:

    1) 1" presentation view binder (with the clear cover on front)

    2) 5 Dividers with labels (Milling Projects, Lathe Projects, Automation, 5th axis projects, Reference )

    3) Pen and Pencil (To write and draw)

    4) Thumb drive (Minimum 16GB, to store and transfer CAD designs)

    We recognize that many families wish to provide supplies for their own student or donate materials to the school and are welcome to do so at any time. The supplies listed are suggested materials and are not required of any student or family in order to fully participate in the school’s academic program. All required materials and supplies will be provided by schools to students at no cost.

    DONATIONS:  State law does not allow school districts to charge fees to students for educational activities; many of our programs rely on financial contributions from participating families. Please know that a donation is not required to participate, and families that choose to contribute may do so at any amount. A suggested donation can help sustain school-wide programs.

    If making a donation to the class, please make check out to:  Folsom High School.  Cash donations will be accepted and a receipt given to your child.