• Headphones

    • Backpack
    • Reuseable Water Bottle with Name

    • #2 Pencils  (Ticonderoga preferred)      


      At Home

      • Coloring Utensils (Crayons or Colored Pencils)

      • Pencil

      • Scissors

      • Glue Stick

    Classroom Donations

    • Scotch Laminating Sheets

    • Tissues

    • Watercolor paper

    • Class Auction Items (small games, toys, fidgets, snacks, small stuffed animals, accessories, books, leftover party prizes)

    • Black Sharpies 

    • Black Fine Tip Sharpies
    • Waterproof Water Bottle Stickers

    • I will reach out throughout the year and ask if you are willing/able to donate STEAM project materials.