Be Kind

    • In order to create a safe and inclusive environment, we need to be kind. We are all the same in that we want to feel safe, loved, and understood. Yet, we are all different; we have different experiences, backgrounds, cultures and interests. Our differences are what make us who we are, and can help other people learn.

    • Share.

    • Take turns.

    • Use nice words.

    • Work together as a team.

    • Treat others the way you want to be treated.

    Be Safe

    • Use walking feet in the classroom and hallways.

    • Put materials away.

    • Push in your chair.

    • Keep hands and feet to yourself.

    Be Respectful

    • Whole Body Listening.

    • Work hard.

    • Raise your hand.

    • Follow directions the first time.

    • Ask questions if you do not understand.

    • Respect yourself, your peers, adults, and the learning environment.

    Be Responsible

    • Complete assignments on time.

    • Take ownership of your actions.

    • Come to school prepared and ready to learn.

    • Effort and perseverance are keys to success. Never leave a question blank or give up.