1. Daily Reading Log

    Students are expected to read twenty minutes a day and answer the reading prompt.

    Article - Why Children Should Read 20 Minutes A Day

    2. Math Page

    There will be a double-sided math page to complete each day that aligns with the current math content. It is usually under 15 questions. I suggest completing these daily to practice what was learned that day.

    3. Spelling and Vocabulary Practice Pages

    A few worksheets are included for students to prepare for the spelling and vocabulary test on Fridays. These tests are focused on addressing a phonics skill or improving their Greek/Latin root word knowledge and/or academic vocabulary.

    • Supplies that may be needed to complete these assignments at home: pencil, highlighter, coloring utensils, and a glue stick.
    • I am flexible and want to meet your child's needs.
    • Online programs to enrich students' learning - Lexia, Freckle, Khan Academy