•  Math Course 2 Honors


    This year we are going to talk frequently about having a "growth mindset" for math. Briefly, this is the belief that you are capable of learning and growing your brain. There is no such thing as a "math brain" or that some people are smarter at math than others, according to recent brain research. Everyone can learn math to high levels, and struggling is a sign that you are growing your brain. Really!  Challenge and struggle are GOOD things, and mistakes are valued. We are going to work hard at changing our mindset about mistakes this year: mistakes are a valuable part of the process, not something to be avoided. Read more at www.youcubed.org.

    Suggested Materials

    Several pencils with erasers, several pens, scientific calculator (T.I. 30 or better), a 3-section spiral notebook, graph paper, small ruler or protractor, white board markers, colored pencils.

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