• Ms. Flowers 8th Grade US History Course Syllabus

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    Course Description:This is a year-long course that will cover U.S. History from the founding of the original 13 colonies through immigration in the late 1800’s early 1900s. Work will include, but is not limited to: reading, Interactive Notebooks, writing papers, individual and group projects, maps, timelines and whatever other exciting things we explore.

    Course Work: The majority of your coursework will be either on paper or done digitally through Google Classroom. Students will need to bring their Interactive Notebook and chromebook(charged) daily in order to participate fully in class. Students will complete a variety of tasks that include individual work, collaboration, simulations, and projects. 

    The year will be divided into the following units:

       Unit 1 - Geography of the United States

    Unit 2 - The Colonies

    Unit 3 - The American Revolution

    Unit 4 - The Constitution and the Bill of Rights

    Unit 5 - Establishing a Nation

    Unit 6 - The Westward Movement 

    Unit 7 - Reformation and the Causes of Sectionalism

    Unit 8 - The Civil War

    Unit 9 - Reconstruction

    Unit 10- Homesteading and the West

    Unit 11-Politics, Industry, and Reform

    Unit 12- Immigration

    Suggested Supplies:  A spiral notebook OR a 1 inch 3-ring binder (Interactive Notebook),colored pencils, two  highlighters, pencils, blue or black pens,glue sticks (not liquid), scissors, and markers.

    Our Wish list: We are always in need of the following items (our Amazon Wish List can be found here https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/dl/invite/esRA5wb?ref_=wl_share)

    • Clorox wipes

    • Kleenex

    • Whiteboard pens

    • Scotch tape (disposable dispensers or replacement tap)

    • Liquid whiteout

    • Magazines (please remove your address)

    • Colored construction paper

    • Hand sanitizer

    • Any donations would be greatly appreciated but are never expected. Your greatest gift to the classroom is to support your student in their learning. 

    Assessments and Grades: Students will be evaluated on their ability to recall, explain, and evaluate the materials presented. Much of the Classwork/Practice category of weighted grades will be contained in the student’s Interactive Notebooks or submitted in Google Classroom. Each unit will be graded independently, though all units in one semester will be combined for a final semester grade. The grades listed in Google Classroom will not reflect a student’s grade accurately, and instead only grades listed in Powerschool are to be factored in.

    Grades:  Overall grades will be based on a combination of the following work: 

    •  30% Classwork/Practice: Includes daily classwork and homework, vocabulary. Homework will be assigned but not every day. Students will always be expected to finish unfinished classwork at home.

    • 70% Summative Assessments/Projects: Includes papers and projects and tests 

    Grades will be updated regularly and viewable on PowerSchool.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. It is recommended that all work for each semester be kept until grades have been received. If assignments are saved, then proof of all assignment scores are available to you in case a mistake is found on PowerSchool.

    ReDos: Summative assessments/Projects/Tests can be redone for up to full credit. Before I will allow a summative assignment to be redone, all practice must be turned in for that unit and the student and I must have a conversation about the redo. 

    Academic Honesty:  All work should be your work alone, unless collaboration is required in an assignment. Any assignment that is proven to be the work of anyone other than the student will be given a zero. This includes information taken directly from the internet and not cited as such. 

    Class Rules: 

    1. Be PRESENT:Be in your seat, ready to work when the bell rings. Be on task and not distracted by technology.

    2. Be POSITIVE: Be kind to yourself and to others. Use positive language and treat others with respect and compassion. 

    3. Be PRODUCTIVE: Participate, complete classwork and summative assessments (projects), ask questions, and do your best each and every day. 

    Results of Making Poor Decisions that Affect the Greater Good: 

    1. I will have a conversation with the student (warning)

    2. 2nd time=conversation with student and parent contact

    3. 3rd time= Detention to be served with me(with parent contact and a write and reflect component)

    4. 4th time=Discipline referral to administration

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