• FCUSD Board Briefs and Updates, May 20
    May 20, 2022

    Dear FCUSD Community,

    Please see the Board Briefs and Updates below.

    Student Advisory Board leadership

    Outgoing Student Advisory Board (SAB) President Alice Gao received high praise and thanks from the Board and Superintendent Dr. Koligian for her dedication and service to the Board, District and students this year. 

    Ms. Gao has been instrumental in representing student voices that have influenced District policies and decisions. She has expanded SAB reach amongst students and, as a result of her leadership, the Board of Education will have two SAB presidents beginning next school year.

    FCUSD welcomes incoming SAB Presidents, Rocio Perez from Cordova High School and Ria Srivastava from Vista del Lago High School. Both students will attend all Board meetings for the 2022-23 school year and serve as representatives for FCUSD students. 

    Visit our Twitter post to add your shout-outs for these student leaders!

    Academic Decathlon champions

    Teachers and students from Folsom High and Vista del Lago Academic Decathlon teams were honored for their remarkable achievements at the county level competition. See the group picture here!

    Folsom High School took the 1st place title for Sacramento County this year. Over the last three years, the county’s first place title has been in our schools.

    Sacramento County Academic Decathlon First Place Winners:

    • 2022 Folsom High 
    • 2021 Vista del Lago
    • 2020 Folsom High

    Congratulations students and teachers on your outstanding achievement! 

    Scott Meyer named ACSA Region 3 Administrator of the Year

    Director of Behavior Intervention & Student Services, Scott Meyer was chosen by the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) Region 3, as the Student Services Administrator of the Year. Highly respected by his peers, Mr. Meyer is described as compassionate, fair, and innovative in continuing to find new and improved ways to support students.

    ACSA Region 3 serves administrators in the counties of Sacramento and Yolo in the Central Valley. Its membership represents educational leaders working in 21 districts in cities that include Sacramento, Woodland, Davis, and Elk Grove, with a total enrollment of more than 260,000 K-12 students.

    Administrators named for next school year

    Board approved Administration appointments for the 2022-23 school year. Congratulations to:

    •  Allen Sims: Principal for Kinney High School/Prospect Community Day School
    • Africa Williams: Assistant Principal, W.E. Mitchell Middle School
    • Christine Sonnenkreuz: Assistant Principal, Sutter Middle School

    To learn more about these leaders, please visit our website here.

    Board remuneration increase

    Board discussed and approved the Budget Advisory Committee’s recommendation to approve an increase of 5% to the Board stipend which will bring the increased amount to $462 a month. The presentation may be viewed here.

    Expanded Learning Opportunities Program Plan

    FCUSD is expanding student learning and care outside of the instructional day, across the District, and with a variety of programs that include fee-based and no-cost programs for families who qualify.

    To view staff’s presentation of the Expanded Learning Opportunities Program please visit this link, and to read the comprehensive program plan guide, please click here.

    Revised Instructional Calendar 2022-23 and 2023-24 school years

    Instructional calendars were discussed and approved for the next two years. For the 2022-23 school year, the Board approved a revised calendar and also approved the draft version of the 2023-24 calendar. Links to view both calendars are below: 

    Folsom Granite Grammar School, permit request to split property

    Folsom’s FedCorp which now owns the Folsom Granite Grammar School property on 909 Mormon Street in Folsom, is considering subdividing the parcel for new home construction. A discussion of the plans took place during the Board meeting.  

    Supporting documents are below:

    2022-23 Governor’s May revise budget summary

    Staff presented a summary of the Governor’s for the 2022-23 May Revised Budget. It is important to note that this is not the final budget, but proposed funding allocations. Highlights include:

    • Governor’s Proposal for Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) is 6.56%
    • Additional Ongoing Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) Base Increase of $2.1 Billion
    • COVID Average Daily Attendance (ADA) Proposal
      • The proposal to allow school districts the use of the average of the three prior years’ ADA for LCFF funding purposes will be adjusted to allow for this change.
    • One‐Time Discretionary Block Grant of $8 Billion
    • Universal Transitional Kindergarten (TK)
    • K‐12 Facilities Includes $4 Billion One‐Time Allocation
    • Special Education Funding Proposal Includes No Significant Changes from January
    • Universal Meals Program Proposal
    • Expanded Learning Opportunity Program (ELO‐P)

    By June 15 the Governor and the Legislature will have to come to agreement on the budget for 2022‐23 school year. FCUSD will have 45 Days from when the budget is signed to present an update on the impact of the approved state budget on the District’s budget

    The full presentation is available to view by clicking on this link.

    Labor Negotiations Process

    Staff presented an overview of the negotiations process and its history. 

    FCUSD leadership regularly meets with labor leadership from the Folsom Cordova Education Association (FCEA), representing our Certificated employees, and the California Schools Employee Association (CSEA) which represents our Classified employees to negotiate matters of employment such as working conditions, salaries, benefits, and job descriptions. 

    To view the entire presentation, please click here.

    All Joint Communications between FCUSD, FCEA and CSEA are shared with our staff and housed on our website, along with all Board approved Memorandum of Understandings (MOU). To view the website where this information can be found, please click here

    To view the Human Resources webpage with this information and MORE, including open job positions, please click here.